Disaster Prep and Recovery

One of the major capabilities of unmanned and autonomous systems is their use in dull, dangerous, and dirty environments reducing risk to persons. These systems are a natural fit for use in preparation and response to both manmade and natural disasters. Unmanned systems, however, must be integrated with other manned systems and humans in providing increasing situational awareness and capabilities to safe lives and reduce loss of property.

ASSURE has been working with first responders, emergency management agencies, and regulators at the local, state, federal, and tribal levels to develop the regulations, guidelines, standards, data sharing, command and control, and other best operating practices through thorough surveying, exercises, and the development of education, training, and testing programs.

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ASSURE Advantages

ASSURE allows industry and government agencies direct access to the capabilities and expertise of 26 universities and their researchers worldwide. The skills, abilities, and experience housed within ASSURE are critical to the success of our mission and the mission of our many partnering entities. The ASSURE organization is passionate about quality and meaningful research that safely and efficiently brings UAS into the National Airspace. If you see a topic area you would like to know more about please contact us directly for more information.


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