Surveillance Criticality for Sense and Avoid (SAA) (A6)

North Carolina State University is leading a team of researchers from the University of North Dakota, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical, Mississippi State, The Ohio State and Oregon State Universities to determine if UAS can safely use current surveillance equipment, such as transponders, GPS beacons and collision avoidance systems. First, they’ll study how manned aircraft and air traffic controllers interact using this equipment to avoid collisions. Then they’ll see if controllers and UAS operators can use current equipment to provide the same safety for UAS. Finally, they’ll investigate emerging technology to see if UAS can avoid collisions autonomously. This research will help the FAA set standards for airborne sense and avoid systems to potentially allow UAS to avoid collisions autonomously.




William H. Semke, Ph.D.
Associate Dean | Professor
Academic Affairs
Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering and Mines
University of North Dakota


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